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Based in Braintree, we are experts in arboriculture & tree surgery and pride ourselves on offering the best quality service across Essex and Suffolk at a competitive price.

Whether a domestic or commercial client, our team of highly skilled arborists (tree surgeons) can advise you on your specific project.

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We offer an extensive range of services from hedge cutting & tree surgery to commercial management & local authority maintenance.

Whether it’s a well defined hedge or a problem tree on site that needs attention our friendly qualified arborists are the team for you. We are some of the best Tree Surgeons in Essex and Suffolk going above and beyond the competition. We look forward to working with you.

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Providing our clients with the best quality service.

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Arbor-Elite Tree Surgery - Oak Tree Reduction in Maldon Essex
Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is one of the most common tree surgery practices. It is the removal of a portion of the trees entire canopy. This is measured in metres or percentages of the crown e.g 30% Crown Reduction = 1.8 metres of the crown removed. Crown reduction reduces the area of the crown as a whole (both laterally & vertically). Crown reductions are good for the tree when done correctly (new growth, new lease of life, taking stress out of heavy limbs) or to increase light and reduce encroachment on an area.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is the removal of the lower lines of a tree and is measured in metres from the ground level. Crown lifting is often carried out to improve access for either pedestrians or vehicles. It is also used to rebalance a tree if it is structured badly.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is usually used to maintain the existing shape of a tree whilst increasing the amount of light through the canopy. This involves removing smaller secondary branches, epicormic growth and badly growing branches.

Thinning may sometimes include a slight crown reduction where there are particularly heavy areas of branches that break the natural shape of the tree, but this is more of a selective prune in that area than a full reduction.


Pollarding is the removal of all growth back to a set point on the main and secondary stems. Pollarding is a heavy form of pruning and in some instances can give a tree a new lease of life and fighting chance but it must be maintained afterwards. If not regularly re-pollarded in the years to come the new growth on the stems & limbs can be to heavy and create failures and weak points. To discuss tree pollarding further please call us or email us for further information and advice, we are tree surgery experts in Essex and Suffolk.

Tree Surgery.

Crown Reduction
Crown Lifting
Crown Thinning
Arbor Elite Tree Surgery, Felling a Dead Ash Tree in Rayne, Essex
Felling & Dismantle

Tree felling is the complete removal of the tree, to leave a stump just above ground level in height.
We can safely dismantle and fell any tree, no matter the obstacle or difficulty in access. We use rigging techniques to lower branches and avoid damage to property and obstacles. We offer an excellent tree removal service for a fair price in Essex and Suffolk.

Tree Removal.

Felling and Dismantle
Arbor-Elite Conifer Hedge Cut Braintree, Essex
Small & Large Hedge Trimming

We cut all sizes and manners of hedging from small garden laurels and leylandiis to large immaculate yew hedging. If you have a hedge, we can cut it. With most of our hedging we recommend a minimum yearly cut, otherwise the hedges can outgrow our ability to simply stay on top of them. More formative hedging requires two cuts a year to keep a nice edge to them and encourage the thickness of the hedge. Call us to arrange regular hedge cutting in Essex and Suffolk.

Hedge Cutting.

Small & Large Hedge Trimming
Arbor-Elite Tree Stump Grinding in Essex
Stump Grinding

After a tree has been felled or dismantled, you are left with a stump just above ground level. Stump grinding involves using a stump grinding machine to chip/grind away the stump until there is none left in the ground. After the ground has settled then re-planting can be discussed if the customer wishes to re-plant. We offer Stump Grinding and Tree Planting services in Essex and Suffolk.

Stump Removal.

Stump Grinding

Client work.

Arbor-Elite large tree removal - Tree Surgery

Dead Ash takedown.


Freeman house photo

Ash dismantle.


Arbor-Elite Tree Removal in Braintree covering all of Essex, Suffolk and East Hertfordshire.

Stump Grinding.


Spartan house photo

Ash Tree Removal


About Me.

Mark Taylor, Tree Surgeon in Essex



Owner / Arborist (TREE SURGEON)

With 8 years experience in the tree industry gathering knowledge from all aspects of the tree work, I decided to set up ArborElite with a goal to provide a friendly, local and professional service.

My team and I look forward to working with you!


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